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working there for 8 months now and the first 4 months were alright. starting in november i started working the graveyard shift

and it was ok for about 2 weeks.

the head breakfast buffet person ended up quitting and then i picked up doing the buffet 2 days a week on top of my work. but i was fine with doing that until friday mornings when i was suppose to do buffet but didnt get it out for an hour after it was suppose to be for the fact we got busy on the line. now the last month they hired a new guy for buffet and he has now quit and the other lady that does it on the other days has been calling in 15 min before her shift and gives me less than an hour to get it ready. i have pressed my concern that there are days that i can not do the job on top of mine.

her calling in is consistent every week and she still works there. the boss has not tried to replace either of them yet and has not asked me to help out he just expects me to do it when i have my *** handed to it. the work conditions are also ridiculous

the equipment is all junk dont work half the time training is a joke 3 days on the line with an extensive menu and they expect you to know how to do everything. the gm is lazy and has no clue on how to run the place he is constantly in his office and is never around when he is scheduled to be.

when you ask him something he seems like he is in another world. he can barely cook without complaints. cant do a schedule and always leaves the staff shorthanded. it just seems there are setting them selves up to fail, on a daily basis.

the waitresses are rude and ignore the costumers. they make fun of them to the point they start laughing around the corner from them. the refuse to wait on the Amish community because they don't tip. this is very unexceptionable by any place of business.

i have been in the restaurant / retail business for over 10 years and this place has got to be the worst place i have ever seen all around.

sense the beginning of my employment i have had to go on anxiety and stress medicine to handle the environment.

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How far up do you want employees to go before you guys do something? What a joke of a place to work!

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